Making Quality Landscaping Products Since 2005!

At Custom Landscape Ideas, we take pride in making beautiful, long lasting products that will add to your Custom Landscaping needs. Whether you are adding your Custom Landscape to your business, home, garden, or City Park we have what you need. We manufacture Benches, Picnic Tables, Raised Bed Systems, and Trash Receptacles. We also offer you a complimentary logo on all of our Site Furniture. What this means is you send us your logo, we program it for laser cutting, and send it back to you for approval. After approval we laser cut your logo into the site furniture. So start customizing your landscape with our amazing products today!

We are dedicated to producing the most beautifully designed, practical, and durable products to assist you in designing landscapes!


Custom Landscape Ideas Arched Maple Bench

Our Custom Benches come in a variety of styles which include: the Arched Maple Bench, Bay Willow Bench, Canyon Maple Bench, Dwarf Willow Bench, Mountain Maple Bench, Sequoia Bench, and Sugar Maple Bench. For more information please see our Custom Benches product page.

Picnic Tables

Spruce Metal Picnic Table

Our Custom Picnic Tables come in three (3) styles which are Hickory Picnic Table, Spruce Picnic Table, and White Hickory Picnic Table. Both the Hickory and the White Hickory Picnic Tables have a laser cut table top and seats; while the Spruce Picnic table has a long lasting and durable aluminum table top and seats. For more information please see our Custom Picnic Table product page.

Raised Bed Configurations

Custom Landscape Ideas' 15inch Corner Bracket

Our Custom Raised Bed Configuration kits are designed to assist you in designing your garden. These Raised Bed Configuration kits come in a myriad of varieties and heights. Each Raised Bed Kit is all inclusive containing: the Raised Bed Brackets, screws, Center and Top Strengthening Brackets and even the Western Red Cedar Boards, making this a seamless process. For more information please visit our Raised Bed Configurations page.


Ivy Oak Receptacle

Our Steel Trash Receptacles come in five (5) styles which are Aspen Receptacles, Birch Receptacles, Cedar Receptacles, Juniper Receptacles, and Oak Receptacles. For more information visit our Custom Receptacles product page.

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