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12″ Tall 4X14 Arched Kit (Without Wood)

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This 12″ 4×14 arched kit is a great fit for those who want space for gardening and a beautiful design to go with their raised bed. The center strengthening brackets are “z” shaped and designed to withstand great amounts of pressure. The top strengthening brackets help prevent those nasty splinters you get while reaching into your garden. If you purchase this kit today, we will give you a 5% discount off the total price of your kit.

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Product Description

This is our medium-sized 12″ tall kit of our 4×14 arched raised bed bracket. We will supply you with two (10″) extension brackets, eight (10″) corner brackets, seven (48″) center strengthening brackets and seven (48″) top strengthening brackets. On the longer side of this raised bed we will provide you with one (96″) center strengthening bracket and one (96″) top strengthening bracket. This kit does not come with the wood that will be needed for installation. You will need to purchase 14 (4 foot) and 2 (8 foot) boards (2″x 6″). You can also check out our kits that come with lumber.