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12″ Tall 4×5 Kit (Without Wood)

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Our 12″, 4×5 trapezoid kit is one of our most popular designs among our customers. This unique design has laser-cut and powder coated metal brackets to help strengthen the infrastructure of your raised bed. This kit comes with screws, center and top strengthening and corner brackets. When you purchase this kit today, you will be discounted 5% off the total kit price.

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Product Description

Our 12″ tall 4×5 kit is perfect for those who want a smaller yet unique design for their raised bed. This raised bed kit comes with brackets that are all laser cut and powder coated adding supreme durability against those tough elements that attack your bed. At each corner there are four specially made corner brackets that stand 10″ tall. In between the planks of wood there is one 48″ and two 96″ center strengthening brackets. The brackets help position the wood when pressure is applied. On the top boards, there is one 48″ and two 96″ top strengthening brackets which will protect the bed from bowing and splinters while reaching in and out of the bed. This raised bed does not come with the lumber needed to construct the kit. The following is the wood requirements for the kit.

• 2″x 6″ lumber
– two 48″ boards
– four 96″ boards