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12″ Tall 8×16 Kit (With Wood)

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This is our 8×16 kit that has a unique “L” shaped design. This design provides you with a longer side at the top at 16' long. This added space will provide you with more space for better gardening. This kit is a medium sized kit at 12″ tall which is 2 planks high on each side. If you purchase this kit today, you will receive a 5% discount of the total order price. We also have a parts list where you can see individual parts.

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Product Description

This 8×16 kit comes with metal brackets that are laser cut, primed and powder coated in preparation for tough conditions. The center strengthening brackets have a “z” shaped design which gives support the the wood when pressure is enforced. You don’t have to worry about splinters when reaching over your bed because with our top strengthening brackets, those area will be protected with a fine sheet of metal. There is also an extension bracket which will extend your bracket providing additional space. Our durable corner brackets help keep the bed in its proper shape. This kit also comes with Western Red Cedar wood which is high-quality lumber that prevents rotting.

This is a compiled list of the parts you will receive by purchasing this kit:
• (6) corner brackets at 10″ tall
• (4) top strengthening brackets at 48″ each
• (4) top strengthening brackets at 96″ each
• (4) center strengthening brackets at 48″ each
• (4) center strengthening brackets at 96″ each
• (1) extension bracket at 10″ tall