Raised Bed Configurations - 4M

18″ Tall 4×5 Kit (Without Wood)

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As our tallest kit in the 4×5 category, seasoned gardeners who love the additional space will love this kit. This kit accommodates those plants with larger roots with the three board height. The products included in this kit are screws, corner brackets, and top and center strengthening brackets. By purchasing this kit today, you will receive a 5% discount off the total price of the kit.

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Product Description

This kit stands at three boards high and is our tallest kit in the 4×5 raised bed bracket category. This kit comes with metal brackets that are laser cut with our state-of-the-art technology. There are (4) 15.25″ corner brackets in this kit. Also include are two 48″ and two 96″ center strengthening brackets. With each kit, to help prevent splinters, we provide (1) 48″ and (2) 96″ top strengthening brackets. This raised bed kit does not include the wood that will be needed to construct the kit. You will need to purchase the wood from a local supplier or see our kits that include wood. The wood needs to by 2″x 6″ and you will need (3) 48″ and (6) 96″ boards.