Raised Bed Configurations - 4x8

18″ Tall 8X16X8 Kit (With Wood)

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This 8X16X8 kit is 18″ tall. This kit features: Western Red Cedar wood, screws, an extension bracket, center and top strengthening brackets and corner brackets.

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Product Description

In this 8X16X8 kit, we include screws, 6 (15.25″) corner brackets and one (15″) extension bracket. The kit also comes with 12 (4′) center strengthening brackets and 8 (8′) center strengthening brackets. The top strengthening caps are 6 (4′) and 4 (8′). This kit also supplies the Western Red Cedar planks: 6 (48″), 12 (46.5″) and 12 (96″).

Our 18″ Tall 8X16X8 Kit with wood comes with supreme Western Red Cedar wooden planks. This is the best type of wood that you can purchase for your raised bed kit. Western Red Cedar has natural preservatives in it that protect against termites and decay. It also is less likely to bow, creating a stronger Smart Bed System. All of our 8X16X8 kits come with deluxe brackets that have been specially laser cut and powder coated to give the brackets a beautiful shine for years to come.