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6″ Tall 4X14 Arched Kit (Without Wood)

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This is a 6″ tall kit of our captivating arch-shaped design. This kit is great for those who love extra space for gardening as it comes with two extension brackets to help add additional space to your kit. There are top strengthening brackets that help protect you from splinters and corner brackets to fortify the walls of your kit. This kit does not include the lumber necessary for installation. If you purchase this kit today, you will receive a 5% discount off the purchase.

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Product Description

Our 6″ tall 4×14 arched kit is great for those plants with shorter roots. This 4×14 kit comes with two extension brackets, eight corner brackets, one (8′) top strengthening bracket and seven (4′) top strengthening brackets. This kit does not include the lumber needed for completion. You will need to purchase seven (4′) boards and one (8′) board.